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Meal Preparation and meal service

Meal Preparation and meal service

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Helping Senior Neighbors

An elderly couple is attempting to move into an easier living arrangement but needs some assistance.

They have furniture that needs to be removed from the home so it can be disposed of.

The City of Grand Rapids Code Enforcement Dept. has agreed to haul the discarded furniture away for free if GPNA can find help for these neighbors in getting the items out of the house and onto the street.

If you know of a church, service group or individuals that would like to be part of this collaborative neighbor assistance effort, please contact Fran at or call 241-2443.

Thanks much. This is a great opportunity to pool neighborhood and city resources to help someone in need.

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Living Hungry’s “Not 1 Homeless Hungry Student” Packing Party

4,000 children, toddlers to teenagers at Palm Beach County school, are homeless and Living Hungry.

Homeless children suffer without enough fuel in their bodies to realize their life’s true potential, never mind overcome the stress and setbacks of growing up in poverty. Many children and teens endure 68 hours over the weekend without eating a meal until back at school again on Monday morning. This is the problem Living Hungry’s “Not 1 Homeless Hungry” Packing event was born to solve. Participants will delight in packing a weekend’s worth of nourishing, kid-approved food items, then hand-writing a personal note of encouragement or inspiration for the homeless child to opens their bag.

WHO: Anyone can pack a bag
HOW: Buffet style or Table Stations work
WHEN: Takes 3-4 minutes per bag
HOW MANY:: People like to pack 1, 2, 3 bags
WHAT: Packing in sequence 10 breakfast, lunch, dinner offerings into a “Filling Station” Bag with Your Client’s Logo
WHY: Pure joy. You should see the smiles!
Watch this video & experience the joy yourself >>

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Mobile Loaves & Fishes

We provide food and clothing, cultivate community and promote dignity to our homeless brothers and sisters in need.

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Community First! Village

Community First! Village is a 27-acre master planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for the disabled, chronically homeless in Central Texas. A development of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, this transformative residential program exists to love and serve our neighbors who have been living on the streets, while also empowering the surrounding community into a lifestyle of service with the homeless.

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LGBT Life Center Volunteer Opportunity

LGBT Life Center would not be able to complete our mission without the hands of volunteers for our charity BINGO games, held Saturdays and Sundays year round. Bingo helps raise over $700,000 annually for the LGBT Life Center to help support those individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Hampton Roads.

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Fun Run/City Tour

BoMF will come share a bit about our mission and the work we do locally and then lead runners on a 1-4 mile tour through Charm City where they can ask questions/interact with the staff and members we serve.

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Student Volunteers

Student Support Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Lunch Buddy: Provide a mentoring friendship for a child. Each volunteer is assigned a student to be their “buddy.” The volunteer comes to school once a week to have lunch with their buddy, talk, play games or read.
  • Tutor: Assist students with homework, study for a test or develop their reading and/or math skills. Each tutor visits their assigned student weekly, witnessing the effect their participation has on the student’s educational progress.
  • Classroom Assistant: Come to an assigned class once a week for two hours (9:00 – 11:00 or 1:00 – 3:00) and assist the teacher in facilitating classroom activities. Responsibilities include individual tutoring, leading small group learning activities, art projects, checking papers and other helpful tasks.

Program Support Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Snack Deliverers: Deliver snacks to a designated school regularly (once/week, twice/month or once/month). Snack deliverers can pack snacks or pick up packed snacks from the office. THIS IS ONLY A NEED FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR.

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ALL ATX is an Austin music education based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that, in addition to its education outreach, raises money for Austin’s music charities that aid musicians in the areas of healthcare and income support

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Hospitality House of Charlotte

Since 1985, Hospitality House of Charlotte has carried out its mission to support healthy outcomes, provide stability, and strengthen community for patients receiving medical care. Our 20-bedroom House in close proximity to Charlotte’s world-class hospital systems allows patients and their family members to remain close to their doctors, continue their care, and manage their health progress prior to returning home. In addition to private accommodations, the House provides a fully stocked kitchen and pantry, daily necessities, laundry facilities, and a caring environment.
Volunteer projects can be scheduled based on your group’s availability.

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