Giving Good

Team Come True

  Team Come True is a charitable team-building company meaning all our programs involve a charitable donation that goes directly to a non-profit in the community. We create experiences for groups to have fun and improve their cohesiveness as a team- all while giving back to the community. Each program has an embedded learning as well, so groups can learn about a Growth Mindset while building stuffed animals for first responders, or building a strong team like the military with our Military Care Package program.
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Kids In A New Groove

Kids In A New Groove provided Central Texas youth in foster care with a committed one-on-one mentoring relationship through weekly music lessons, giving students the ability to build concrete strategies for life-long success. They are always seeing monetary and instrument donations to continue providing free weekly music lessons and mentorship exclusively to youth in foster care. All donations are tax deductible and tax receipt will be provided by the nonprofit.

In return, the students are available to perform for the group.

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