Project Summary

Project Category: Food Pantry

Number of Participants: 1 to 5 persons

Duration of Project: 1 to 2 hours

Cost: Depending on project

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

Service Opportunities: Financial assistance

Location: Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital Boilevard 1, Aruba MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Rochelle Roos
P: +297 5274750


Ban Uni Man pa Cria Nos Muchanan would appreciate it very much if they could receive food donations that can be used to serve breakfast to the children. An example of donations could be juice boxes, small cereal boxes, healthy snacks, and bread. Monetary donations are also welcome.

Impact: Mission: To provide the needy children of Aruba with breakfast every school day. This foundation currently serves breakfast, consisting of a sandwich and a drink (juice or milk), to more than 580 kids from over 50 schools on the Island. This breakfast program is a sponsorship program—for the amount of AWG. 25.00 monthly, a child can be sponsored. The foundation currently has about 450 sponsors as well as local businesses providing discounts on items like beverages. Ban Uni Man is an independent foundation receiving no subsidies from the government. Sponsors typically place a standing order with one of our banks in the amount of AWG 25.00 per month.

Project Availability:

Volunteer Responsibilities: Varies depending on activities

Attire: Informal

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The breakfast of champions