Project Summary

Project Category: Kids/Teens

Number of Participants: Fewer than 50

Duration of Project: 1-4 Hours

Cost: N/A

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Service Opportunities: Project or Activity, Financial Donations

Location: 1025 Museum Circle
Jacksonville FL 32202 MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Maria Hane, Executive Director


The Museum of Science & History (MOSH), an accredited museum since 1983, has actively served Northeast Florida since 1941. It is the largest science and history museum in the region serving 225,00 visitors last year. The Bryan-Gooding Planetarium is one of the largest single-lens digital dome planetariums in the United States carrying the Museum’s legacy of leading the region as an expert resource for space science since 1951. MOSH combines exhibits and programs to maximize the visitor experience and provide platforms for dynamic and interactive learning for every generation. Core, traveling and signature exhibits aligned with programming are designed to serve adult, family and student audiences.

Impact: The Museum’s mission is to inspire the joy of lifelong learning by bringing to life the sciences and regional history. Volunteers help advance MOSH’s mission and reach within the community. MOSH has been part of the Jacksonville community for 75 years, and is proud to offer volunteer opportunities that allow for community ownership, and help it remain tuned to the community’s needs.

Project Availability:

Volunteer Responsibilities: Volunteers help with a variety of different tasks within the Museum, working with the public or behind-the-scenes. The Museum offers volunteer opportunities in administration, education, exhibits, natural sciences and visitor services. Tasks range from preparing crafts supplies for school groups, to cleaning and maintaining indoor and outdoor exhibit areas.

Attire: Casual

F&B Provided for Volunteers: Water coolers

Option to Move Project to a Different Location: No

Museum of Science & History (MOSH)