Project Summary

Project Category: Senior Citizens

Number of Participants: Fewer than 50

Duration of Project: 1-4 Hours

Cost: 0

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Service Opportunities: Project or Activity, Collecting Goods, Financial Donations

Location: 480 S. Sunrise Way
Palm Springs CA 92262 MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Ian Murray
P: 760-323-5689


The mission of the Mizell Senior Center is to Webenhance the lives and welfare of adults who live in or visit our community. Programs and services at Mizell Senior Center are designed to meet the needs of low income seniors and to provide opportunities to combat loneliness, isolation, and maintain active productive lives. Loneliness, isolation, and depression know no economic boundaries. We have over 50,000 visits each year from individuals taking part in our activities and programs.

Impact: This is a place where Seniors come together for service and activity which enhances dignity, supports independence, and encourages involvement in and with the community.

Project Availability:

Volunteer Responsibilities: Volunteering services at the center include; Assist in thrift store, bingo, front desk, kitchen help, and offer services as a tax counselor

Attire: Casual

F&B Provided for Volunteers: Yes

Option to Move Project to a Different Location: No

Mizell Senior Center