Project Summary

Project Category: Other

Number of Participants: Fewer than 50

Duration of Project: 1-4 Hours

Cost: 0

Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

Service Opportunities: Project or Activity

Location: 250 Marquette Ave. South
Ste 1300
Minneapolis MN 55401 MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Michelle Kellogg, Coordinator of Volunteers


Volunteer opportunities may including weeding, planting gardens, mulching trees, picking up trash or other park improvements

Impact: Volunteering keeps our parks in great shape and also assists in off-setting maintenance costs.

Project Availability:

Volunteer Responsibilities: planting gardens, mulching trees, picking-up trash, weeding,

Attire: Casual

F&B Provided for Volunteers: No

Option to Move Project to a Different Location: No

Minneapolis Park & Rec