Project Summary

Project Category: Community Kit Preparation

Number of Participants: 100 - 250

Duration of Project: 1 -2 hours

Cost: Varies

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Service Opportunities: Project or Activity

Location: Groups' chosen location MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Cayla Jones
P: 678-674-7488


Hygiene for the World aims to prevent the spread of disease by working with corporate and community groups to collect, pack, and provide hygiene kits. In addition we can create customizable kits (backpacks, comfort kits, baby bags, etc.) to support the groups’ chosen cause. Kits can be distributed by the group or we can manage the distribution details locally or internationally.

Impact: Hygiene for the World distributes kits locally to homeless shelters, hospitals, Ronald McDonald House, high schools, safe houses for women. Also, internationally to schools, children's homes, hospitals and clinics.

Project Availability:

Volunteer Responsibilities: Volunteers are responsible for the packing of the kits. All materials are provided by Hygiene for the World except tables.

Attire: N/A

F&B Provided for Volunteers: No

Option to Move Project to a Different Location: Yes

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