Project Summary

Project Category: Food Pantry

Number of Participants: Fewer than 50

Duration of Project: 1-4 Hours

Cost: Donation of food to prepare

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

Service Opportunities: Project or Activity

Location: 5400 Glenwood Avenue
Minneapolis MN 55422 MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Kathy Manning


Cook for Kids – Volunteers plan the manu, purchase and donate ingredients, cook, service and eat with the children. Works in partnership with parents in crisis and community to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect

Impact: Supporting families in crisis helps to strengthen families and communities.

Project Availability:

Volunteer Responsibilities: Volunteers plan the menu/snack and purchase and donate ingredients for meal. then cook, service and eat with the children.

Attire: Casula

F&B Provided for Volunteers: You get to eat with the children

Option to Move Project to a Different Location: No

Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery- Cook for Kids