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Project Category: Financial Donations

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Cost: Varies

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Service Opportunities: Volunteers can choose to donate funds.

Location: 249 Roosevelt Avenue, Suite 201, Pawtucket, RI 02860 MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Carol Ann Donnelly
P: (401) 861-4376 ext. 13


The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation was established in 2004, in loving memory of Gloria Gemma, a wife and mother-of-nine who lost her courageous fight in 2002. What started out as a website full of resources and information, grew into an organization that provides over twenty programs designed to heal mind, body and spirit. In 2008, the Foundation opened its Resource and Wellness Center, and has developed numerous free programs and services for people living with breast cancer.

Impact: The Foundation is rooted in family values, and it is a place for people to find resources and support. The Foundation has a family atmosphere where hugs are plentiful and emotions are never judged. They are there to help all people who are living with breast cancer, which includes patients, survivors, family members, and friends. Their mission is to celebrate and nurture life in our local community before, during and after a breast cancer diagnosis by providing education, access to wellness resources and support programs to all those touched by cancer. As an organization, they promise to embraces cancer patients and their caretakers, families and friends, provide free support, education and wellness services to anyone impacted by cancer, enhance the quality of life for cancer patients and their families by helping to ease their physical, emotional and spiritual pain, guide the public to reduce the risk of cancer diagnoses through education and community outreach, and continuously inspire hope, faith, strength, courage and determination in our community.

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Volunteer Responsibilities: Volunteers can donate funds on the Gloria Gemma website or send donations in the mail. Those who send in donations through the mail must fill out form to send with donations

Attire: Varies

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