Project Summary

Project Category: Animals

Number of Participants: 10-20

Duration of Project: One hour

Cost: None

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Service Opportunities: Delivering pet food to clients at their homes

Location: 670 Harmon Avenue, Columbus OH 43223 MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Matt DeChant
P: 6144 372 877


Living independently and safely with a companion pet is a great source of joy in an older adult’s life. In some cases, seniors are unable to care for their pets. The LifeCare alliance Senior Pet Care program provides clients with assistance in taking care of their pets while still maintaining the client’s ability to remain in their own home. Volunteers assist clients with delivering pet food through the AniMeal Program. The program also assists with financial costs of vet visits, surgeries, procedures that care for the overall healthcare for their pet.

Impact: This program provides much needed solutions for elderly pet owners. Long term community impact results include: Keeping pets happy and healthy by assisting in pet care and maintenance; Reducing the number of pets at animal shelters by helping seniors care for their pets; Helping maintain a clean environment for seniors and pets; Providing food for pets so seniors remain healthy by not sharing their own meals; and Keeping seniors in their homes longer thereby saving taxpayers money by preventing institutionalization.

Project Availability:

Volunteer Responsibilities: Delivering pet food to clients' homes

Attire: Casual attire

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