Project Summary

Project Category: Food Pantry

Number of Participants: 20

Duration of Project: varies

Cost: 0

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

Service Opportunities: Meal Service

Location: 1835 Young Street, Dallas, TX 75201 MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Ashlee Hueston
P: 214.382.5919


Volunteers dish out the food and also pour beverages for our guests once they are seated. Meals start at 7:30 am (Breakfast), Noon (Lunch) and 6 pm (Dinner).

Impact: The dining room at The Bridge is called the Second Chance Café. The Stewpot is currently serving three meals a day, seven days a week to approximately 1000 persons each day.

Project Availability:

Volunteer Responsibilities: Dish out food and pour beverages

Attire: Casual

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