Project Summary

Project Category: Community Kit Preparation

Number of Participants: 1-500

Duration of Project: 30 minutes to 2 hours

Cost: Varies by participant and activity; kits are $2-5 per piece

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Service Opportunities: Looking for a team building project for your group that can be done remotely?

Location: Any location. Kits for a Cause can be shipped directly to you. MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Darden Blow
P: 704-377-1740 ext. 412


Kits for a Cause from Classroom Central provides a hands-on philanthropic activity for your next meeting or event while building positive interaction for your staff. No matter your company size or budget, there are options available for everyone. Choose from dental kits, pencil pouches, wellness kits, art kits, STEM kits, and homework kits to provide critically-needed products for the 127,000 students that Classroom Central serves each year. It’s easy to participate. Choose the date and location of your Kits for a Cause assembly, then order the supplies directly from our wholesaler who passes the discount on to you. Kits are delivered directly to your location for assembly. If your location is local, a Classroom Central team member will join your group at the beginning of your project to explain the impact you will be making on our community. You can then deliver the completed kits to Classroom Central for distribution in our Free Store.

Impact: One in two children enrolled in our region’s public schools are living in poverty. When families struggle to pay rent and buy groceries each month, school supplies just can't be a priority, so 100,000 kids arrive at our local schools empty-handed. For these students, Classroom Central has become the primary resource for the academic tools they need. When children have school supplies of their own, classroom behavior and grades improve, self-esteem strengthens, and kids develop better attitudes toward school and learning. Studies show that children living in poverty are twice as likely to repeat a grade, to be expelled or suspended or to drop out of school. You can help level the educational playing field for these students with a very simple act. Each kit that you, your business, civic or religious group create will enable a child to have the most basic tools they need to be successful in school.

Project Availability:

Volunteer Responsibilities: Assemble bulk supplies into kits. Deliver to Classroom Central.

Attire: Casual

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