Project Summary

Project Category: Animals

Number of Participants: Varies depending on activities

Duration of Project: Varies depending on activities

Cost: Depending on project

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Service Opportunities: General maintenance

Location: Mabon 7 A MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Andreina Wever
P: +297 5925130


It has long been a dream of the organizers of Animal Rights Aruba to have a no-kill sanctuary to house and care for stray dogs and cats, and prepare them for adoption. Donations or fundraising efforts are highly appreciated to fund this sanctuary, as well as the ongoing need for financial support to provide food and healthcare for rescued animals. Animal Rights Aruba also needs materials and labor to help build dog houses for local families that do not have the resources to provide this vital shelter for their dog from Aruba’s hot sun.

Impact: Mission: Protect fauna, flora, and marine life on and around the island of Aruba. Objective: Protect animals from cruelty, protect natural habitats, offer medical care to sick or injured animals, legislate for laws to protect animals and their environment, educate the community. Animal Rights Aruba relies on a variety of platforms and approaches, including island-wide sterilization campaigns, adoption campaigns, vaccination awareness, and various fundraisers to support this non-profit foundation.

Project Availability:

Volunteer Responsibilities: Varies depending on activities

Attire: Informal

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