Project Summary

Project Category: Other

Number of Participants: Fewer than 50

Duration of Project: 4-8 Hours

Cost: There is no cost for volunteering. The only cost that would be involved would be donating money, food or an item for a food / item drive and that is determined by the individual.

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Service Opportunities: Project or Activity, Collecting Goods, Financial Donations

Location: 611 Neches Street
Austin TX 78701 MAP LINK

Project Contact:
Kevin Shaw Special Events Coordinator
P: 512-646-1268


For over 50 years, Caritas of Austin has been a turning point in people’s lives. Each year we serve thousands of families and individuals who do not have a stable place to call home. Through comprehensive, relationship-based services, Caritas of Austin turns crisis into stability and empowers people toward the life they want. We believe that a thriving community derives its strength from providing all members to be self-reliant. The main populations we serve are homeless individuals, veterans, refugees and families in crises. The programs we provide include: • Providing housing assistance • Resettling refugees • Providing specific social services for Veteran families • Providing food through our Pantry and our Community Kitchen • Facilitating educational classes on budgeting and other life skills, etc. • Employment assistance Projects associated with our organization include: • Preparing and serving lunch to 300 – 350 people in need in our Community Kitchen • Collecting Nonperishable food and household items to stock our Pantry • Assembling “Care Kits” of food and toiletries that can be handed out to homeless individuals • Assembling “Welcome Home” baskets for recently housed families • Assembling “Interview Packets” to aid individuals on their job search • Monetary donations including gift cards

Impact: Each year Caritas of Austin: • Serves 85,000 meals in our Community Kitchen • Provide 45,000 meals in groceries through our Pantry • Resettle 535 international refugees • Offer 900 educational classes • House 110 veteran families • House 130 chronically homeless individuals • Place 500 individuals in jobs

Project Availability:

Volunteer Responsibilities: Volunteer responsibility for serving in the Community Kitchen is preparing and serving at the direction of our Head Chef.

Attire: Volunteers in our Community Kitchen are required to have closed toed shoes and either a hat or a hairnet (which we would provide). I would dress comfortably as well in this activity. Any other project doesn’t require a dress code.

F&B Provided for Volunteers: No

Option to Move Project to a Different Location: Depending on the project, it can be done at the Caritas of Austin offices or at the meeting location. Volunteering in our Community Kitchen is site specific and requires coming to Caritas of Austin. Other projects such as collecting food, items, gift cards, and money or assembling Care Kits and other packets can be done at the convention space and picked up by Caritas of Austin. Depending on the project, the space requirements could be space for barrels for collected food to having a table for collecting gift cards and monetary donations.

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